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A seed becomes a sapling

Last night’s Harvest Supper brought  the Convivium events for 2018 to a successful close. What a year it has been! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was sitting in the bath tub reflecting on a collection of essays by Wendell Barry. I… Continue Reading “A seed becomes a sapling”

The Final Lap

Well, after five months of preparation, the big day is almost upon us. Friday we’ll set up gazebos, staging, get out the chairs and tables, test equipment and everything else needed to have the Cathedral ready for the festival. And then on Saturday it… Continue Reading “The Final Lap”


The fifth installment of guest essays on the Convivium Principles is by Fr Will Brown, rector of the Church of the Holy Cross, Dallas, TX. His regular contributions to Covenant and the Living Church, often bring together theology and ecology. You drive through Atlanta (or, for that matter, Dallas or… Continue Reading “Locality”


The fourth installment of guest essays on the Convivium Principles is by The Revd Dr Zachary Guiliano, an associate editor of The Living Church and a deacon of the Church of England serving as assistant curate at St. Bene’t’s Church, Cambridge. In the opening chapters of Genesis, we read of… Continue Reading “Sustainability”


The third installment of guest essays on the Convivium Principles is by Dr Hannah Matis, assistant professor of church history at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia. For the Christian, the eucharistic feast is always an act of memory: called to “do this in remembrance of… Continue Reading “Memory”


The second installment of guest essays on the Convivium Principles is by The Revd Clint Wilson, associate rector for Christian Faith and formation at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Let’s play a game. When you hear the word ‘hospitality,’ what pops into your mind?… Continue Reading “Hospitality”


The first installment of guest essays on the Convivium Principles is by The Revd Dr Jordan Hillebert, Tutor in Theology / Residential Tutor at St Padarn’s Institute in Cardiff.  There are some things which are to be enjoyed, some which are to be used…… Continue Reading “Delight”

Repenting of Plastic

Recently, my Facebook page and Twitter account have been full of stories about plastic. It seems that plastic is everywhere…literally. One study determined that the mind-boggling 5 trillion particles of mircroplastics across the globe is likely an extremely conservative estimate. We already knew about… Continue Reading “Repenting of Plastic”

The Lily of Humanity

There’s an old tradition within Christianity of relating Easter to all of nature. Perhaps the most famous example of this is found in the 6th-century Easter Hymn, ‘Hail thee festival day’: Lo, the fair beauty of the earth, from the death of the winter… Continue Reading “The Lily of Humanity”

Gathering Scattered Grain: a Reflection on Bread for Maundy Thursday

My family has recently taken to making bread. The impetus for this was less artisanal than our desire to enjoy loaves of bread without the plastic bags they invariably come in. For a couple of months now we’ve been working hard to reduce our… Continue Reading “Gathering Scattered Grain: a Reflection on Bread for Maundy Thursday”