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The Neighbourly Meal

Yesterday after the 11 am service here at the Cathedral, Sarah and I were invited to lunch at the home of a member of our Cathedral community. It was the first proper sunny, spring-like day of 2018, and so also a day when it’s… Continue Reading “The Neighbourly Meal”

Parable of the Prosperous Palace

Once upon a time… …there was a magnificent palace. A palace larger and shinier than had ever been seen before. In the palace lived all the kingdom’s nobility: a prosperous people who enjoyed every pleasure imaginable. Almost anything that they could dream up could… Continue Reading “Parable of the Prosperous Palace”

What’s a community?

There are probably few words more overused than community. Almost anything can be categorized as a communities these days, especially if that opens the door to niche marketing or promoting self-interest. Arguably the most dominant form of community today is the virtual or digital community:… Continue Reading “What’s a community?”