Guided Walk

Nature & History

Places matter. Landscapes do too. History has shown repeatedly that if people don’t connect with the place where they belong, they’re unlikely to be concerned with the global world they can only imagine. The people and places to whom we belong over time capture our hearts and inspire us with the kind of love that leads to conviviality: a desire to live well together.

No human being has ever known, let alone imagined, the entire planet. And even in an age of “world travel,” none of us lives on the entire planet; in fact, owing to so much mobility, a lot of people…don’t live anywhere. But if we are to know any part of the planet intimately, particularly, precisely, and with affection, then we must live somewhere in particular for a long time. We must be able to call up to the mind’s eye by name a lot of local places, people, creatures, and things. (Life is a Miracle, 138).

Places where the beauty of the landscape and the deep memory of enduring communities come together are where people are disposed to live for something other than themselves.

Wales has a particular gift for bringing beautiful landscapes and rich heritage together. Here in the Brecon Beacons, for example, you can stand at a place where in one sweep of your gaze you can take in the glorious beauty of the mountains, an ancient standing stone, the course of a Roman road, and farmland that’s been husbanded for generations out of mind.


To support, conserve, and delight in such places epitomizes the purpose of Convivium.

Guided Walk

Our Festival will begin with an opportunity for people to spend a few hours in a landscape where natural beauty, history, and the sacred coincide.

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The walk will be led by Journeying, an organization that brings people to Wales to “enable people to venture out, leave the ‘every-day’ – and connect with God in creation, in each other and in ourselves.” There’ll be opportunities not only to learn about the area and its history and to delight in the beauty of our Welsh hills, but also to enjoy each other’s company.

Spaces are limited for this walk. So, please make sure to book a place. The cost for the guided walks is £5/adult (children who are good walkers can come for free but must still be booked). All funds will go to support our designated charities for the day.

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