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Nature & History

Places matter. Landscapes do too. History has shown repeatedly that if people don’t connect with the place where they belong, they’re unlikely to be concerned with the global world they can only imagine. The people and places to whom we belong over time capture our hearts and inspire us with the kind of love that leads to conviviality: a desire to live well together.

Places where the beauty of the landscape and the deep memory of enduring communities come together are where people are disposed to live for something other than themselves.

Wales has a particular gift for bringing beautiful landscapes and rich heritage together. Ancient sites sit amidst spectacular countryside, providing an unchanging backdrop to the ever-changing flow of our lives.

To support, conserve, and delight in such places epitomizes the purpose of Convivium.

Pilgrimage Walk

20190517_165001Our Festival will begin with a pilgrimage walk from Brecon Cathedral, once a medieval Benedictine Priory, to St David’s Llanddew, a small medieval church situated on land dedicated to God as early as the 5th century. The walk will take us down the old paths that follow the River Honddu through the ancient Priory Groves.

The walk is roughly 3.5 miles long. During the walk we’ll stop at the old Priory Well, across the river from the priory mill, and at St David’s to pray and reflect on God and creation. The walk includes modest climbs and, if the weather is inclement, the potential for mud. Bring lunch. Dogs on leads are welcome.

Spaces are limited for this walk. So, please make sure to book a place.

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