Convivium Podcasts have been started during the Convid-19 restrictions as a way for people self-isolating or social distancing themselves to engage with our Convivium vision. Episodes are recorded each Wednesday and are available thereafter from this website or through Facebook and Twitter.

Paradoxes in an Ancient Landscape: What a Welsh Mountain Taught Me about God & the World

In this, our first series, Mark Clavier takes listeners on an overnight journey up Cadair Idris, a mountain in west Wales, where he encounters paradoxes that reveal something about the heart of Christianity and living well with the creation. Drawing on previous hikes and treks, Mark reflects on eternity, time, silence, words, wonder, and the ordinary and how they relate to the sacraments. Partly a love letter to Wales, Mark concludes by considering the Welsh words hiraeth and tangnefedd, longing and peace, that are written into the landscape of this ancient land. Paradoxes in an Ancient Landscape is a profoundly ecological vision of the Christian faith that readers of Wendell Berry, Rowan Williams, and Norman Wirzba will enjoy.

The series is also available through
Episode 1 – Why I’m Catholic: Mark explores his own Anglican Catholicism and how it’s rooted in a conviction that heaven and earth, God and creation, must be held together.
Episode 2 – God and Nature: Mark reflects on his life of walking and backpacking and how he came to see the close relationship between God and creation.
Episode 3 – Cadair Idris: Mark introduces Cadair Idris and his overnight climb where he encountered the paradoxes of eternity and time, silence and words, and the wonderful and the commonplace.

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One Comment on “Podcast

  1. Thank you for proving such insight into our relationship to God in all the beauty and things of the earth around us.


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