Who doesn’t like dancing?

In days gone by, it was popular for people living in villages in Wales to have community dances and often these were held at the top of a hill. Twmpath means ‘hump’ but the name has come to be used also for the dance itself. Like ceilidhs, twmpaths involve musicians playing a dancing tune while a ‘caller’ tells the dancers what to do.

Sadly, community dancing, especially among young people, isn’t as popular as they once were. But there’s nothing quite like a dance for bring people together. Folk dances are a thriving part of many cultures and we at the Cathedral are happy to support the Welsh version of the old barn dance.

So come join us at 7.30pm on 14 June! We’ll have a traditional Welsh band playing on traditional Wlesh instruments. There’ll be a cash bar so you can wet their whistles. And weather permitting, we’ll turn the Cathedral Close into a dance hall. After all, we’re located at the top of a tump!

When we the last time you danced with friends and neighbours outside?

When was the last time you danced at a Cathedral?

Let’s have some fun!

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